April 14,2020
What is Arch support insole ~ 

Arch support insoles are specially designed for people who has high arches, flat feet and arch pain problems. It can intelligently adapt to the arch which can be better protected after being supported. It can effectively releasing walking or running pressure ~ so that our foot could be comfortable. 

This is how it works ~ 

If a person has an arch, his bouncing and absorptive behavior will perform better.  But if it is a flat foot, this function will disappear.  In addition, there are many nerves and blood vessels on the medial side of the foot. People with flat feet will compress the nerves and blood vessels, which will cause some symptoms. Therefore, the arch support insole was developed.

For people who tend to use it first time, depending on the severity of the arch collapse of each user, there may be different degrees of foreign body sensation or uncomfortable feeling under the foot.  This is normal, the more serious the foreign body sensation is, the more serious your arch collapse, so it is worth your attention.

In addition, there is an adaptation period, usually about 5-7 days. It may take longer for the arch to collapse severely. Once you adapt, it will be very comfortable, which can well relieve and reduce the original foot walking pain.

What are the benefit ~ 

- Help minimise stress on the knees, hips, back and the feet
- Help prevent flat feet and promote proper body alignment
- Fits on wide range of shoes

What can ALI do for arch insole ~ 

In ALI, we have worked with brands who are specialised in arch support insole that can fits into a wide range of shoes include casual, athletic and dress shoes. The arch support insole does add additional comfort to most shoes.

If you are into arch support insoles or are looking for any kind of insoles, please do let us know and we will be happy to work with you on this ~