April 14,2020

In shoe making, outsole is playing an important part of the shoes. Different sole materials has differnt application. By knowing what we are wearing sometimes can help identify whether we wear it in the best circumstances.

The most commonly used outsoles are:

 - Rubber Outsole -

It is widely used in various sports shoes and hikers.

Advantages: Good abrasion resistance, non-slip, not easy to break, good softness, good ductility, stable shrinkage, hardness is better, good flexibility.

Disadvantages: Heavy weight, easy to spit frost, not easy to corrode (environmental protection problem).

- PU Outsole - 

It is highly molecular poly-nitrogen wax synthetic material, commonly used in casual shoes.

Advantages: High density, high hardness, abrasion resistance, good elasticity, good oxidation resistance, easy corrosion, good for environmental protection, not easy to wrinkle.

Disadvantages: Strong water absorption, easy yellowing, easy to break, poor elongation, not resistant to water, and sometimes easy to rot.

 - EVA -

 It is vinyl acetate copolymer, polymer material. It is widely used for casual shoes, midsoles of foot trainers.

 Advantages: Lightweight, good elasticity, good flexibility, not easy to wrinkle, has excellent colorability, suitable for various climates.

 Disadvantages: Easy to absorb water, not easy to corrode, unfriendly to the environment, and easy to get dirty.


It is an EVA secondary high-pressure molded product.It is the main material for the international soles of running shoes, tennis shoes, and basketball shoes. It can also be used for casual shoe nowadays.

Advantages: Lightweight, flexible, fine appearance, good softness. Easy to clean, good hardness, density, tensile force, tear, elongation.

Disadvantages: Not easy to corrode and not environmentally friendly, easy to wrinkle and shrink at high temperatures.

- TPR -

TPR pellets are hot-melted and injection molded. They are often used for ladies casual shoes.

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