April 06,2020

Shoe making is an interesting process which some people may say "EASY" and some says "COMPLICATED"

Depend on how you look at it, differnet type of shoes does have different process. However, more or less the same procedure ~

Any shoes has to build up step by step as follow ~

1. Last selection

After determining the style of shoes, last selection is the first step in shoe making. Shoe last is the main shaping tool of shoes, and is the "mother book" of shoe sample design. The choice of shoe last is the first step before anything. 

 2. Materials selection 

Buying materials, that is to say, choose the materials for leather or synthetic shoes. Footwear materials can be divided into shoe upper material, lining materials, shoe decoration materials, sole materials, adhesive materials....etc. 

As for leathers, it can be divided into animal skin, artificial synthetic leather, cloth, knit upper...etc. The lining material is usually made of pig's head layer, pig's second layer, lining Kid leather, synthetic PU, fabric, PK mesh, etc.

 3. Pattern making

Prototype sample, that is also known as shoe sample design. This is done according to the designer's inspiration design, the other according to the physical object or information imitation conception, the shoe sample's physical object according to the last shape as the standard, the size length according to the season makes the appropriate adjustment. 

Different fabrics have different degrees of shrinkage, and the sample is required to determine the specifications according to the degree of shrinkage of the fabric.

4. Cutting 

After the prototype is finished, the next step is to cut the material.  Cutting is the first process in the shoemaking process.  It is based on design requirements, using cutting samples and various tools, the process of cutting shoe-making materials into predetermined shapes, specifications of helpers, linings,etc.

5. Stitching 

 Different styles of shoes have different sewing processes, but they have the following points in common:
- Draw a line
- Paste a thin cloth
- Pull and strengthen the reinforcement
- Sweep the edge
- Combinations
- Stickers
- Joints
- Reverse stitching
- Combination stitching
- Stitching Uppers
- Trim line
- Hot melt adhesive
- Clear cement
- Finishing shoe upper  

 6. Lasting

Front section : The uppers cover shoe last and apply the glue on the counter pocket and the allowance edge, brush midsole white glue before lasting. Draw lines for gring rough the shoes.

Middle section: Apply cement on the outsole before uppers and bottom combined, press the bottom and pull out the last

7. Packaging

After the shoes being shaped. The factory will follow the customer packaging requirements to operate and complete the process.

If you would like to get involved about shoe making, we would be happy to assist you to make things happend !!